Our Lifetime Warranty ensures that your used vehicle's engine and transmission continues to perform up to our high standards. Your coverage begins right away and lasts for your entire ownership. In addition, you can pick up additional protection, designed to 'wrap around' our standard coverage.

Our bottom line?
We want you to feel safe and secure while driving our thoroughly-inspected vehicles.
After all, the journey should be just as enjoyable as the destination.

If you're interested in getting more information about our Lifetime Warranty program, get started by checking out the vehicle components that are covered by our protection plan, below.
Certain capitalized terms are defined in this Warranty, and others appear in the above declarations of information (the "Declarations"). A capitalized term appearing in the Declarations refers to the specific vehicle, person, date or other item that has been entered into the associated box in the Declarations. If we discover that an item was entered into the Declarations incorrectly, we may correct the error and regard the term as referring to the item as corrected. You and Your mean the Warranty Holder. We, us and our mean the Dealer. Covered Part(s) means one or more of the parts or components listed under "What this Warranty Covers" and not specifically excluded under "Exclusions and Other Coverage Limitations." Repair(s) means the repair or replacement (including labor) of one or more parts and Covered Repair(s) mean Repairs that we are obligated to perform or for which we have a reimbursement obligation under this Warranty. Mechanical Breakdown means the failure of one or more parts to perform the function for which they were designed due to defects, faulty workmanship in the manufacturing process, or normal wear and tear.

Under this Warranty we are obligated, subject to the Deductible and other provisions of this Warranty, to perform or provide for Repairs on the Vehicle if the Repairs are required as a result of a Mechanical Breakdown occurring during, and reported to us during, the Warranty Term, so long as the Mechanical Breakdown also occurred after the Warranty Issue Date. We are also obligated to provide a benefit for substitute transportation, as described under "Substitute Transportation Benefit."

We, at our option, will either provide the Repairs ourselves or reimburse an authorized licensed repair facility to do so. Replacement will be made with a part that, at our option, is re-manufactured, used or new, and that is of a like kind and quality compatible with the original design specifications and wear tolerances of the Vehicle. All parts replaced will be covered for the Warranty Term, subject to the terms and conditions
of this Warranty.

You have the responsibility to properly maintain the Vehicle as recommended by the manufacturer, to reasonably protect the Vehicle from further damage when one or more part fail, to maintain records of routine Vehicle maintenance performed by you or others, to follow the procedures for reporting a claim for benefits as described in this Warranty, and to cooperate fully with our reasonable requests to examine Vehicle maintenance records, inspect the Vehicle, or establish ownership of the Vehicle in the event you report a claim for benefits. Maintenance records generally include a detailed log of maintenance you perform and receipts for purchases of services provided by others and parts and supplies used by you or others in performing maintenance services. You must obtain preauthorization for any Repairs made to the Vehicle by a repair facility other than ours.

We have engaged a third-party administrator (the "Administrator) to perform certain services on our behalf with respect to this Warranty, including warranty registration and preauthorization and adjudication of
claims for reimbursement of Covered Repairs performed by a repair facility other than ours.If you have any questions or concerns about this Warranty, please call the Administrator at 1-800-323-5771 or write the Administrator at:Warranty Administrator, P.O.Box 770, Deerfield, IL 60015-0770
For Claims and Customer Service, call 1-800-222-2721